Monday, March 26, 2012

Nautilus on Fedora 16 and samba

Ever since I upgraded my Fedora Core installation from 15 to 16, I've had a problem access Samba shares through Nautilus. I know that my Samba and related libraries are up to date and functioning; for example, I can use mount.cifs to mount Samba shares using the command line.

Yet, when entering the Samba address into the Nautilus location bar (e.g. smb://server/share), it prompts me for authorization but never allows access.

By chance I discovered the solution to this problem. In previous versions of Fedora Core, the "Domain" entered on the authorization dialogue was never case sensitive. It would appear that it is now...

If I enter my domain name in all-caps, the authorization succeeds and access is granted.

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